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Art & Design

Department Aims

In the department we aim to:

  • provide a safe, friendly and comfortable environment in which students can develop a knowledge and an appreciation of Art and design. 

  • give students the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to express themselves through visual language and using ICT. 

  • stimulate, encourage and improve self-expression using visual, spoken and written media. 

  • help the pupils come to an understanding of themselves and their environment and that of other cultures, and, through this, foster understanding of other people and their views. 

  • develop creative thinking, a willingness to experiment and an ability to organise creatively. 

  • foster enthusiasm, enjoyment and satisfaction from the medium of Art and Design. 

  • provide young people with the opportunity to mature emotionally, be cooperative and work together in preparation for later life. 

  • develop the ability to question, justify, solve problems and take decisions both alone and in collaboration with others. 

  • encourage students to explore careers in Art and Design throughout all key stages. 

  • encourage and provide for the professional development of all staff in the department.

The Art & Design Team


Mrs Janette McCrory

Subject Teachers

Mrs Janette McCrory

Mr Hugh Gallgher

Mrs Marie Forbes

Mrs Michelle Singh

Mr Colum Meyler


In addition to meeting the mandatory needs of the NI revised curriculum, the department aims to develop a wide range of practical skills in two and three dimensions, as well as an awareness of Art and Design in society. We hope to make pupils aware of the role the artist and designer plays in the world of work, history and culture, and foster an appreciation of all the visual elements of art explored through a range of disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, fashion, textiles, ceramics, print-making, graphic design and product design.

  • We hope to foster an enjoyment of Art and Design for those pupils who do not intend to study the subject beyond Key Stage 3, and it is our aim to develop their transferable skills such as being creative, problem solving, self-management, working with others and managing information. 

  • We provide a good foundation for pupils who wish to study Art and Design at GCSE, GCE level and beyond. 

  • We believe strongly in the importance of observational drawing, fostering good relationships through group work activities and providing opportunities for the use of new technologies through both research and practical activities. 

  • Where possible, flexibility and choice are built into the curriculum to enable the needs and interests of pupils of all abilities to be met. We have high expectations of all our pupils. 

  • We promote and celebrate the work of our pupils by displaying their work, participating in competitions and publicly exhibiting examination work.

  • Where funds allow, we endeavour to bring artists and designers into the college to work with the pupils and inspire them towards a career in Art and Design.



Art and design teacher, animator, art therapist, ceramicist , community arts worker, conservator, curator, fashion designer, fine artist, furniture conservator/ restorer/ designer, glass blower/designer, graphic designer, illustrator, interior and spatial designer, make-up artist, photographer, printmaker, product designer, production designer in theatre/ television/ film, stylist, textile designer, web designer.

We encourage past pupils who are studying Art or Design to degree level and those working in industry to return, in order to share their experiences with our students.



We encourage our students to enter competitions within the local community. In the past students have won competitions such as the Sir Aloysius memorial Art prize.

Over the years we have also had students whose work has been displayed in the Ulster Museum as part of the ‘True Colours’ exhibition which showcases the best examination work in Northern Ireland.

We consistently achieve a 90%+ pass rate (A*-C) at GCSE and 100% at GCE A Level.



Art facilities are available to students after school at times designated by individual teachers.

Throughout the year there are workshops organised through Extended schools and the PTFA which are open to students and may often be accessible to the community.

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