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Department Aims

In the department we aim to:

  1. To help the pupil come to an understanding of him/herself and his/her environment and through this foster tolerance and understanding of other people and their point of view.

  2. To encourage and improve self-expression

  3. To develop fluency of speech, self –knowledge, self-respect, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-control.

  4. To learn to negotiate and to co-operate working with others.

  5. To develop orderly thinking and an ability to organise.

  6. To help pupils achieve and understanding of, and satisfaction and enjoyment from, the medium of drama.

  7. To provide a social and moral training, and to help young people to mature emotionally in preparation for later life.

  8. To develop language skills.

  9. To develop the ability to solve problems and to make decisions alone and in collaboration with others.



Leah Louise McCance

Subject Teachers

Mrs Leah McCay

Mrs Louise Timmons

Mr Gareth Devine

Miss Michelle McGrade

Mrs Janice McCay


Key Stage 3

The aim of Drama at KS3 is to introduce pupils to drama through practical tasks so that they have an awareness of themselves and their ability to communicate with others. Skills covered include: role play, improvisation, mime, tableaux, text-based work (from page to stage), movement.

Key Stage 4

Pupils who opt for Drama at this level will complete either CCEA GCSE Drama or CCEA Performance Skills - Level 1 in Year 11, Level 2 in Year 12.

Drama GCSE Overview


The course is divided into three components:

Component 1 – Controlled Assessment - Devised Performance (25%)

Component 2 – Controlled Assessment - Scripted Performance (35%)

Component 3 - External Written Exam - Open Book (40%)

All candidates sit the same written examination – no levels or tiered papers.

Component 1

Component 1 requires students to present a devised group performance in response to stimulus material provided. (15%)

All students must produce an accompanying log. (10%)

The assessment is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Component 2

Component 2 requires all students to prepare a group performance of scripted Drama. (35%)

The assessment is internally assessed and externally moderated through visiting moderation.

Component 3

Component 3 is assessed through a compulsory written exam that takes place in the summer of the second year (Year 12).

It lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes, has three questions on a set text (open book).

The exam is externally set and marked and is worth 40% of the overall mark.

Performance Skills


There are 3 units that are all mandatory.

Unit 1: Working in the Performing Arts Industry 


Unit 2: Develop technique for Performance


Unit 3: Rehearse and Perform


Portfolio of evidence, for each unit which is internally assessed and externally moderated. 

Key Stage 5

Pupils complete a two year AQA linear A-Level course. 


A-Level Overview - The A-Level has three components -

Component 1 – DRAMA AND THEATRE: 80 marks/ 40% of A-Level.

3 hour written examination.

Section A – Set text 1 – 25 marks

Section B – Set text 2 – 25 marks

(Section A and B are open book)

Component 2 – CREATING ORIGINAL DRAMA: 60 marks/ 30% of A Level.

Practical Coursework.

Devised Performance – 20 marks Influenced by one prescribed practitioner.

Working Notebook – 40 marks.

Teacher marked; AQA moderated

Component 3 – MAKING THEATRE: 60 marks/ 30% of A-Level.

Practical Coursework.

Practical exploration of three key extracts from contrasting plays: one performed in the style of a second prescribed practitioner – 40 marks

Reflective report – 20 marks.

Marked by AQA.



The career opportunities are wide and varied. Below are some examples-

Actor, stage manager, arts administrator, Drama teacher, drama therapist, television production assistant, youth and community worker, personnel manager, charities administrator, radio presenter.

Achievements Curricular


We consistently achieve a 75+ % pass rate (A* -C) at GCSE and A Level.

Our students achieve highly in their practical exams at CGSE and A Level.

Our school shows are a huge success and allow our students to showcase their talent to the wider community.



School Shows

Afterschool Drama Club

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