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Home Economics

& Child Development

Department Aims

In the department we aim to:

In Holy Cross College Home Economics is a subject where pupils have an opportuntiy to foster their knowledge, skills and competencies to assist them to become resourceful in important life skills. Pupils are stimulated and encouraged to explore real life situations related to health and nutrition, family life and independent living at a time when such issues are at the fore of government agendas and the agenda of related stakeholder agencies. The overall aim of the Home Economics department is to empower our pupils to meet the demands of their generation. The Revised Curriculum has been designed to support good practice in teaching and learning and incorporate effective assessment procedures. Thus, allowing individuals to demonstrate application of knowledge to their full potential.

The Department offers courses across the Key Stages:

  • Key Stage 3 Home Economics

  • GCSE Child Development

  • GCSE Food and Nutrition

  • BTEC First Level 2 Award in Hospitality (Equivalent to a GCSE)

  • BTEC First Level 2 Award in Children’s Play and Development (Equivalent to a GCSE)

  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Childrens Play Learning and Development (Equivalent to one A’Level)  Commencing September 2021

  • BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality (Equivalent to one A’Level) To be rolled out in Holy Cross College.


The Department is composed of four classrooms amd two food preparation resource rooms and an ICT suite; alll of which have an interactive white board and state of the art facilities including a practical food classsroom and additional classroom for theory based sessions.

HE & Child Development Staff

Subject Head    

Ms G Kelly

Teaching Staff

Miss M Gallagher

Mr F O Neill

Mrs T Taggart

Mrs J Johns

Department Technician

Mrs E McGoldrick

Key Stage 3

  • In Holy Cross College Home Economics has an important contribution to make to the whole school curriculum since the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum placed Home Economics at its core. Home Economics at Key Stage 3  is now a discrete strand of the Learning for Life and Work Area and is mandatory at Key Stage 3.

  • It is a subject through which many skills can be developed such as food practical skills; organisational skills; problem solving; working with others and time management.

  • Pupils have an opportunity to experience practical activities on a three weekly rotation across Key Stage 3. Thereby providing an opportunity to work independently or in pairs in a practical food lesson.

  • Pupils have the opportunity to develop knowledge of current nutritional guidelines and apply this within the context of diet and lifestyle.

  • To enable pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of the concepts of family life together with personal and social development within the family unit.

  • To foster the development of pupil’s understanding of physical, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic needs of the individual and changes throughout the lifecycle.

  • To develop critical thinking and decision making capacity of pupils with regard to aspects of home and family life.

  • The Key Stage 3 departmental Units of Work for Home Economics provide pupils with a rewarding educaional experience within the school framework.

  • To promote cross curricuar links, and links with other subjects in the school curriculum.

  • Home Economics provides pupils with opportunities to explore real issues which lead to the development of a wide range of transferable skills.

  • To provide pupils with skills and knowledge which can be applied to progress to relevant qualifications leading to Further and Higher Education and related career pathways.


Home Economics at Key Stage 3 is based on the following themes:

1. Healthy Eating

 Through the exploration of healthy eating, pupils have the opportuntiy to develop knowledge,   understanding and practical skills required for healthy living. They learn how to plan, prepare, serve, handle and store food safely.

2. Home and Family Life

This dimension provides a platform for pupils to develop an understanding of the importance of the famliy unit in todays society.


3. Independent Living

Within this strand of the subject area pupils learn how to manage resources effecively as well as the importance of becoming discerning consumers.

KS4 Child Development

KS4 Hospitality

Level 2 Occupational Food Studies & Child Care

KS5 Children's Play Learning & Development

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