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Music Department Overview

The College supports a vibrant Music Department that offers a wealth of musical experiences both in and out of the classroom. We aim to nurture and inspire musical excellence, and to provide students with the opportunities to fulfil their musical potential.

The college also produces a musical once every two years; previous productions include ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

We hold a Talent Show and a Spring Concert to showcase the talent of the pupils.

In collaboration with the Drama Department there is also a trip to London’s West End for KS4 students of music and drama.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum


Below is an overview of some of the topics studied in KS3:

Year 8

  • The Elements of Music

  • Rhythm and Pulse

  • Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Form and Structure

  • Recorder/ tin whistle

Year 9

  • Recycled Rhythms

  • Reggae

  • Soundtracks and Film Music

  • Rock ‘n Roll

  • Ukulele

  • Recorder/ tin whistle

  • Keyboard


Year 10

  • Jazz and Blues

  • Popular Music

  • Keyboard

  • Ukulele

  • Careers in Music

The Music Team


Jenny Stewart

Subject Teachers

Gareth Devine

Colum Meyler

Marie Strawbridge

Peripatetic Teachers

Strings – Maureen McGranaghan, Naoimh Simpson, Michael McGinty

Brass – Derek McGillian

Woodwind – Chris Wright

Percussion/ Drum kit – Ronan McKee

Guitar – Ciaran Gallen

Bass Guitar – Adam McCourt

Voice – Ruth Mc Phillips

Piano – Ciaran Duddy

Irish Traditional – Noel Devine


Extra Curricular Groups

Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Chamber Choir

Brass Band


Irish Traditional Group

Rock Group


Key Stage 4

Performance Skills - Level 1 and 2 qualification taken in year 11 and 12.

There are 3 units that are all mandatory.

Unit 1: Working in the Performing Arts Industry 

Unit 2: Develop technique for Performance

Unit 3: Rehearse and Perform


Portfolio of evidence, for each unit which is internally assessed and externally moderated. 

GCSE Music

The specification has three components:

Component 1: Performing and Appraising

Component 2: Composing

Component 3: Listening and Appraising

AS and A Level Music


Unit 1: Performing


  • Solo performance

  • Viva voce


Unit 2: Composing


  • Composition Task


  • Composition with Technology Task


Unit 3: Responding to Music


Two external written examinations


  • Test of aural perception

  • Written examination

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