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Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies (MVRUS)


Studying Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies enables students to develop an interest and appreciation of the motor vehicle. The course covers the responsibilities of vehicle ownership and the legal requirements of being a road user. Students use a moped to undertake a practical riding activity and carry out an investigative study of a real life traffic situation. Studying this subject prepares students to progress to higher education, vocational training or employment in, for example, mechanics, car sales, car insurance, driving instruction, road safety education, traffic police, car bodywork, and design and technology.

Department Oveview

Unit 1: Motor Vehicle and Road User Theory

Unit 2: Investigative Study

Unit 3: Practical Riding Activity

Benefits to Students

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies combines well with other subjects such as Geography, Learning for Life and Work, Manufacturing, and Technology and Design.

Students can develop their skills in Communication, Using Mathematics, ICT, Self-Management, working with Others and Problem Solving.

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies provides a number of key benefits to students, including:

• working as part of a team, participating and listening in discussions, debates and interviews;

• interpreting, analysing and presenting information in oral, written and ICT formats;

• learning how to carry out daily checks on a vehicle; and

• demonstrating their skills and techniques of vehicle control using a moped.


Students can develop skills in:

• Communication – oral and written, participate in discussions, interpret, analyse and present information;

• Using Mathematics – mathematical language, notation, concepts and problem-solving strategies, interpret, analyse and present data;

• Using ICT – access, manage, select and present information;

• Self-Management – plan work, set goals and targets, monitor, review and evaluate progress, improve learning and manage time effectively;

• Working with Others – learn through co-operation with others, teamwork, listen to others, influence group thinking and decision-making; and

• Problem Solving – identify and analyse relationships and patterns, form opinions, justify views, analyse and evaluate perspectives, weigh up options and justify decisions.

GCSE Motor Vehicle and road user studies snapshot unique features of this qualification/improvements made:

Currently, there is no other comparable qualification offered by any other awarding organisation at Level 2 in Ireland or the UK. It is a vocational subject that meets the requirements of the Entitlement Framework. It is the ideal subject for students who plan to follow a career path in, for example, engineering, mechanics, road safety education or driving instruction. It is also a great benefit to students planning to take the driving test as they study the Highway Code during the course. It gives students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their skills by performing manoeuvres on a moped.

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