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Physical Education

Department Aims

In the department we aim to:

Holy Cross PE Department aims to encourage all students to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to include physical activity as an important component of a healthy lifestyle. We are mindful of the uniqueness of each individual student and the differences that may exist in terms of ability and interests and we strive to create a supportive, encouraging and safe environment where all pupils can achieve their potential.

HCC Rugby U14.jpg

All pupils are expected to bring appropriate gear on the days they have PE and should be mindful of weather conditions especially if participating in outdoor activities. Due to current Covid regulations pupils are encouraged to wear sports gear into college on PE days but it is expected that all gear complies with the above uniform of Black top and Black bottoms.

PE Staff List

Mr B Gormley Director

Mr S Donaghey Games Promotion

Mr G Boyle Physical Activity Coordinator( Mr A Devine)

Mrs S Garry(Ms L Conway)

Mrs N Glass(Mr Gavin Boyle)

Ms C Hunter

Mr J Doherty P/T

Mr O McElroy P/T

PE Facilities

1 Large Sports Hall

2 fully equipped gymnasia

1 Fitness Suite

1 3g pitch

1 Full size grass Soccer Pitch

1 Full Size Gaelic Pitch

1 Mini multi sport grass pitch

5 Tennis courts/Multi sport areas

1 400m Running Track

PE Uniform

Black Top

Black shorts/track bottoms

Appropriate footwear


All pupils from year 8 -12 are timetabled for 60mins of PE per week and will participate in a broad range of activities as legislated in the NI revised curriculum. The sample programme below gives a broad outline of how PE will be structured.

Sample of possible game based activities

Invasion Games: Gaelic Football, Soccer, Rugby, Compromise Rules, Olympic Handball, Basketball, Netball, Unihoc, Hurling.

Net/Wall Games: Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Tennis, GAA Handball.

Team Games: Bench ball, Dodgeball, Rounders, Kwik Cricket

School Sport


Holy Cross College has a proud tradition in school sport and enter competitions in Gaelic Football, Soccer, Golf, Cricket, Athletics, Cross Country and Show jumping. In the short lifespan of the college, numerous titles and awards have been won in all sports and we are very proud of all those students who have represented the college, both during their time in Holy Cross and also as they have continued in their own sporting Career after leaving school.



Holy Cross offers a broad range of extra curricular sport both during the school day and after school. The programme of activities changes throughout the year to try and facilitate as many pupils as possible and we try to encourage all students to avail of the opportunity to be physically active.The programme of activities will be shared on Holy Cross Facebook page throughout the year.

Key stage 4 PE Qualifications


Holy Cross College has been offering a very successful suite of Qualifications for those pupils who wish to study sport as part of their GCSE l Qualifications. This has proved to be a very successful and enjoyable pathway for students over the years with many going on to achieve great success at both Higher Education or in careers in the Sports and Fitness Industry.


At Year 11 and 12, students have the option of pursuing a Level 2 Award in Sport qualification which is the equivalent of 1 GCSE. This 2 year course provides students with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of sporting performance and functioning of the human body. Due to the practical nature of this course it is expected that all candidates have participated in a minimum of 85% of their allocated PE time in years 8 -10. All students complete 4 modules which are assessed as outlined below:


Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise is an onscreen test. The remaining 3 units are internally assessed through coursework.

Unit 2: Practical performance in sport

Unit 3: Applying the principles of personal training.

Unit 4: The sports performer in action


Further information can be found at this link BTEC 2012 Specification (

Post 16 Qualifications


Holy Cross offers a number of options for those students who wish to study sport as part of their A level suite of Qualifications. Both courses currently offered cover many important and interesting aspects of sports performance and it has proved to be very successful for enabling students to continue to 3rd level qualifications and eventually into a wide variety of careers. The assessment
methods in both courses involve both internal assessment through coursework and also external assessment by examination.

Both courses currently on offer are outlined below:


Assessed externally by exam

Unit 1 - Anatomy and Physiology - 120 credits

Unit 2 - Fitness, Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being - 120 credits

Assessed Internally by coursework
Unit 3 - Professional Development in the Sports Industry NG
Unit 4 - Sports Leadership - 60 credits
60 credits


Externally Assessed
Unit 1 - Anatomy and Physiology - 120 credits
Unit 2 - Fitness, Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being - 120 credits
Unit 22 - Investigating Business in Sport and the active leisure Industry - 90 credits

Internally assessed
Unit 3 - Professional Development in the Sports Industry - 60 credits
Unit 4 - Sports Leadership - 60 credits
Unit 23 - Skill Acquisition in Sport - 90 credits
Unit 10 - Sports Event Organisation - 60 credits
Unit 18 - Work Experience in active Leisure - 60 credits
Unit 27 - Principles and Practices for Outdoor and Adventurous Activities - 60 credits

Further information for both these qualifications is available on the link below:
BTEC Nationals | Sport (2016) | Pearson qualifications


The breadth of skills, knowledge and attitudes that pupils acquire during the PE programme and through the level 2 and level 3 qualifications provides them with very solid foundations to continue on their career pathway and this can be highlighted by the diverse range of career choices of our past students listed below. Some students have pursued sports related careers and university courses but many others have chosen non sporting career pathways.


  • Accountancy

  • Nursing

  • Physiotherapy

  • Teaching

  • Sales

  • Actuary

  • Medicine

  • Dentistry

  • Paramedics

  • Fire Service

  • Sport Scientist

  • Events management

  • Sport Development

  • Sports Coaching.

  • Nutritionists/Dietetics

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Army

  • Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer

  • Business owners.

  • Social workers

  • Construction workers

  • Quantity Surveyors

  • Engineering

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